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Chaos and Light Chapter 1 The Red Head
Chaos and Light Chapter 1
The red head
       The night sky was filled with stars that shone brilliantly. Some twinkled at a fast pace while others twinkled only a little. It was as though they were having a conversation among each other. She looked out the window looking up at the stars and smiling softly. Her window in her kitchen had the perfect view of the moon tonight. It was full and huge. It was almost as though the moon was right in front of her. She was pulled from her daydreaming upon hearing the door to the bar open. She smiled knowing it was her husband and his best friend coming home from doing some bounty work.
She turned off the sink and dried her hands off before walking out of the kitchen and smiled indeed seeing her husband and his friend.
“Welcome home Cloud. Vincent.” she said coming over to kiss the man with blond hair.
       “Thank you Tifa.” Cloud replied smiling kissing his wife softly and looked i
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Summary to Visitor from the past
Summary to Visitor from the past
Mundus is trying to revive himself so he can try to take over both the demon and the human worlds. A young Bat demoness with long crimson hair comes to Devil May Cry to warn Dante and Virgil of the danger that is at hand. In order to revive him, a group of followers are out and about searching for the tools they need. One seems to be a young blond demoness that can turn into a giant flamming horse. And when they find out exactly who she is to Mundus, things start to get interesting. Can they trust her? Will sparks fly between these two women and the Sparda brothers? We shall see.
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Little Blue Moon Ch.5 Final Chapter part 2
Little Blue Moon Ch.5 Final Chapter Part 2
   For several hours to almost a day, the battle wore on and on. So many soldiers, from both sides, had been slain. The carnage was just too much for anyone to be able to withstand seeing. But they did it, the autobots fought harder and harder, trying to defeat the last of the goons.
   Moonstrike had sustained a minor injury to her abdomen and was in the medical hangar getting treated by Ratchet. She had been in a long struggle with one nasty Decepticon and it had managed to stab her in the middle section with a metal blade. She hissed a little as Ratchet applied an ointment to it to keep it from getting worse.
   "You are lucky it did not go too deep, But I must ask, why come to the medical hangar to get this treated? Normally you will have to be fought to get this treated." Ratchet inquired looking her in the eye.
   "Heh know how Optimus is....He worries if I get s
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Little Blue Moon Ch.5 Part 1
Chapter 5 Final Chapter
Sapphirius watched in complete distraught as the tower came crashing down. Rubble fell all around her and the other Cybertronians. Moonstrike gasped seeing a huge chunk of metal flying right at her and spread her large metal wings. She flew at top speed and pushed Sapphirius out of the way of the debris. She gasped clinging to the taller fem-bot as Moonstrike flew over to Optimus and sat her down at her feet.
“T-Thank you…..” Sapphirius gasped as she looked around trying to take everything in.  She looked around seeing that another missile landed on the wall that was around Iacon and soon many drones and
“You’re welcome….now go hide. Optimus and I will take care of this okay?”
“No please….let me fight with you…”
Moon and Optimus looked to each other looking trouble before slowly nodding. They looked back at her and smiled to her.
“Stay near us though okay?” Optimus asked looking t
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Experiment Ch.1
Chapter  1 A ruined wedding
It was a Beautiful sunny day on Earth. And in Autobot city a big celebration was about to go down. Optimus Prime’s young daughter, Athena, was getting married; and to none other than the young scout, Bumble Bee. Optimus could be no prouder of his daughter than he was today. He was honored to consider Bee as his son.
   The ceremony was going to be held at the town square of Autobot City. Several bots were walking about decorating for the celebration. Streamers were being put up and a stage for a band was being built as well. In the middle of all the ruckus was a young Neko bot. She was checking off things on her list of things to get done.  
   “Okay lets see….umm..”  she scratched her black cat ear as her tail wagged back and forth. She did not even notice The red, yellow, and orange male bot sneaking up on her. He smirked as he slowly crept on her before throwing his strong metal arms around her fo
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Summary to The True Last 00 Cyborgs
Summary to The true Last Cyborg
Black ghost has reemerged, and more deadly than before. But with his rise also comes the rise of two new allies. While out investigating an attack on an island, Joe, Albert, and Jet were ambushed by a group of Black Ghost’s goons. When things looked grim suddenly a loud scream is heard and a beam incinerates some of the goons, while the rest of them are blasted away by strange laser beams . They look up and standing in front of the Moon were two young girls. One had long red hair and dark blue eyes, while the other had long black hair and green eyes. Who are these girls? And why are they dressed as 00 Cyborgs?
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Summary to Least Expected Ally
Optimus is out patrolling a forest some miles away from his base. When he sees a Decepticon seeker ship he decides to keep an eye on it. When it suddenly starts shooting down to an unknown target, he calls for backup. Before backup can make it he is met with the scared purple eyes of a female Decepticon. Who is this Fem-bot…?  Why is she being hunted down? Read and find out.
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Lunastar character sheet
Name: Lunastar
Age: If I gave her an age it'd be 20
Height: 4 Meters
Race: Autobot
Place of Origin: Cybertron
Appearance: Humanoid form: Has two layers of shells. First one is dark red that covers her whole form. Second layer is black and is centered around the chest, abdomen and hips,kind of like a whole swim suit with a skirt, she also has black plating on her legs that stop at her knees along with on her forearms that stops at her elbows. On her head she has long black metal hair in a high pony tail that stops just below her chest area, along with that she has a helmet that wraps around her head and has two metal parts that come down along her jawline, and lets not forget the black metal cat ears on her head that can twitch. She has a long black cat's tail that stops right behind her knees. Her eyes are bright yellow and when she opens her mouth you can see her metal fangs. The Autobot insignia is carved into her left shoulder.
Beast Mode: In this form she takes on the form of a gia
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Healing Kougar
Lion-o had a best friend growing up. Kougra, a young servant girl who is quick and deadly with a blade. Her choice of weapon being a scythe. But not only could she deal heavy damage, she could also heal it as well. When Thundera went down she got separated from him when debris fell between them. She encouraged him to go without her and that she'd reunite with him at the escape shuttle, but she never came. Now on Third-Earth rumors are spreading about a healer protecting a wooded area from Mum-ra. Who is she? Is she Lion-o's missing friend? Read to find out
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Little Blue Moon Ch.4 You're Safe now...Part 2
Little Blue Moon Ch.4 You're safe now....part 2
 Sapphirius whimpered some as she staid hidden under a desk. Droids were running all over the place trying to find her, each one bearing a large assault rifle. For the last couple of hours she had managed to stay undiscovered, only destroying a droid if need be. As soon as she knew the way was clear she bolted down the hall stopping and hiding in the shadows if a droid ran by the hall. One suddenly stopped and turned to look down the hall and shined a bright light all over.
   “Scrap!” she whispered before ducking behind a pillar. But a piece of her wing stuck out just enough to initiate the interest of the droid. He started walking down the hall way in a slow and cautious motion, his gun cocked and aimed. Sapphirius started breath harder and harder as he got closer, she could hear the clankin of his metal feet as they collided against the floor.
   Suddenly she bolted out from behind the pillar and to
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Little Blue Moon Ch.4 You're Safe now...Part 1
Little Blue Moon Ch.4 You're Safe now....Part 1
  Solus sighed as she walked through the halls of her home unable to power down. She was exhausted, oh so exhausted. She stopped when she was about to pass a window and looked out onto Cybertron. She watched as the night life hustled and bustled about. She could hear horns going, and people talking happily.
   She smiled a little and closed her eyes as she listened to the noise. It was the sound of life, going on and on never stopping. Suddenly the image of a grown and battle scared Sapphirius came into her mind’s eye. She was being dragged away as she was crying “Sister help me!”
   She suddenly leaned up gasping heavily. She shook her head and reached up to rest her forehead in her hand as she fell against the wall. She gripped her head as tears started to fall from her eyes. Confusion wrapped her mind unable to understand why. Why someone so sweet you become just a battle machine. She was so y
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My Darling My Wraith Chapter 1 Capture
Chapter 1 Capture
         The sun rose slowly over the mountains and trees surrounding the small human village. There was only roughly 80 people in this settlement, but everyone was nice and took care of each other. They had arrived on this planet about 15 years prior after war had destroyed their original planet. They kept their holidays and legends alive each year, with just a few minor changes.
In a home on the east side of the village a young girl about 19 was waking up. Her little furry snow leopard cup was licking her face begging for his morning meal. She chuckled softly and rubbed its back, running her hands through its thick white fur.
        “Alright Alright Mio….I’m up…” She slowly got up running her left hand through her messy nest of crimson hair. She walked toward the kitchen of her family home and found some dried meat for her friend. After warming it up she sat it in his bowl and watched him as
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Little Blue moon Ch3 Doubt starts to set in
Chapter 3 Doubt starts to set in
Sapphirius sat in her quarters looking out at the thousands of stars that scattered the sky like the lights on the screen in the control room. They brought her comfort in a weird way. When she stared up at the stars she began thinking of her past, and why she had no memory of time before Unicron had taken her in. She looked down at her hand as she thought about the bot that had raised her.
She was now a skilled warrior. A killer.  Blood was on her hands. She made a fist before punching the wall making a dent in the metal walls. She grunted and rose from her bed and just stood there looking down at her feet.
“What happened…?....Why….Why can’t I remember? …..” she blinked as she saw droplets hitting the floor and slowly lifted her left hand and let it gently touch her cheek. Moisture was trailing down her cheek. She just stood there a few seconds utterly confused before shaking her head and turning and walked from
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The new Detective Chapter 1: Invited
Chapter 1 Invited
   The snow was everywhere. The cold December air blew bitterly, making it even colder. He made his way through the now listening as it crunched under his shined leather shoes. His brief case was beside his leg hanging by his long and very cold fingers. He shivered lightly as he tried to make it to the train. He heard it rawr past him as he made his way underground.  Once he got down the stairs he reached behind and got the snowflakes out of his long red hair.
   What a long day….” He said to himself and smiled relieved once his train came into view. His green eyes watched the door as it slowly opened and people swarmed out. He managed to squeeze his way through the crowd and get on. He was the only one in the cart and he was perfectly fine with that. He enjoyed the peace and quiet. The only things that were making noise were the train itself, and the radio.
    It wa
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The little Moon Ch.2
Ten years…Ten long heart breaking years have gone by since his little girl was taken from him.  Primus stood in the room where she used to sleep and just stared at the walls. Sometimes, he was sue he felt her presence, and even heard her voice.  
Solus was walking down the halls looking for her father, knowing very well were he could be. She stopped at the door and just stared at it. She had never forgiven herself for letting Sapphirius get kidnapped under her watch, she would not blame Primus if he hated her.  It was fault after all. She was a prime and failed to do something like protect her baby sister from a powerful enemy.
She took a deep breath before reaching out and took hold of the handles that were on the door. With little effort, she managed to open the door without making much noise. She looked around with her blue optics and tilted her head looking about. She slowly stepped in barely making any noise. It had been a long time since she had stepped in t
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